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Alex and his team literally saved me about €50,000 when I launched my Amazon business. It was an absolute steal!


I’m just getting started on Amazon and when things get busy, I turn to AMZPro Team with specific tasks that are bite size and within my budget. The team are awesome at communicating and execute flawlessly.


I was skeptical of quality and price so I tested them out with a small task. A year later, they now handle most of my back end tasks, from customer support, to seller central account management to PPC with a dedicated team of three.


I love the big picture, but after a few years, the nitty gritty of running my Amazon business was wearing me down. Together we built an AMZPro Team to handle my seller central back end, customer support and accounting. I can now focus on the fun stuff and the team costs me a fraction of what it would have cost me locally.


I didn’t really think this was for me. But I thought, “what’s the downside?” and scheduled a call with Alex. He was super approachable and easy to talk to. We started with a small project that cost me next to nothing. Once I was comfortable with the team, we scaled and grew and I haven’t looked back. They are now an integral part of my business.


After trying unsuccessfully for over a year ourselves, we got AMZPro Team on board and got our product ranked #5 within weeks for a key word with a search volume of 48,000. Amazing!


I turned to the AMZPro Team to handle my product launch for my last five products. That’s it. They’ve won my business and I’m not turning back. So worth it!


I’d read and heard a lot about ManyChat and thought I’d teach myself. I found that I was spinning my wheels and was a bit overwhelmed. A friend recommended AMZPro Team. They now build my flows and handle all the resulting customer interactions. Amazing value for money.


My Chinese supplier always charges me a small fortune to ship my products to Amazon. Consolidating my shipment with AMZPro Team’s shipments literally increased my profit by over 30%!



My Amazon Business Story

My girlfriend (now wife) and I started our Amazon business a little over three years ago. I was still working at Wells Fargo and my wife in the marketing department at Procter & Gamble. We started the business while still working our day jobs after seeing one of our friends succeed on Amazon. We thought, “if Bryce can do it, so can we” but we weren’t quite ready for the big leap yet. We were lucky because we both had great jobs. We just felt like we weren’t going anywhere. We didn’t really have enough vacation time to do the traveling we wanted to. I was getting sick of wearing a suit. Beth had a b*tch as a boss. The idea of a few hours each night in exchange for potential freedom seemed appealing. And we did really well! After 9 months we quit our jobs and within a year, we were on track to clear $300,000 annually. We were super excited!

Our Amazon business grew and grew but instead of the freedom and travel we were hoping for, we were both working harder and harder. There is always more that can be done when its your own business! There just weren’t enough hours in the day. Even though we loved the success we were seeing growing our small business, it was wearing us down. All the tiny little tasks were keeping us from focusing on the big picture. We started looking at expanding the team here in Cincinnati and found a good college grad with his head screwed on the right way to help us out. His salary hurt at the beginning. We were ploughing almost all of the money we were making into the business and were subsidizing ourselves from our savings. The bigger problem was that Dave got bored of creating shipping plans, opening cases with Amazon and responding to customer enquiries.

It was super frustrating when he quit, because we had invested so much time and energy in training him and getting him up to speed. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t have the time to handle Dave’s tasks and we didn’t have the energy to train someone new from scratch.

Our friend Bryce, who had initially inspired us to start our Amazon journey, introduced us to AMZPro Team. It was great! We started with a super small project. All we asked them to do was to create some variations for ten products. That was it. The work was done in a day and the bill was very reasonable. We soon got them to help us promote our products and handle a lot of the tedious back-end work in Seller Central. After about 3 months of using them sporadically, we switched to building a dedicated AMZPro Team. We now have a dedicated team of three in the Philippines. The team takes care of all the heavy lifting allowing us to focus on our company strategy and new products. More importantly, we are able to do that from anywhere in the world! The team is always available when we need them wherever we are. We have been able to travel across South Africa, South America and Asia. We even got a chance to spend some time with our team in Cebu, the Philippines. Oh, and did I mention that we also got married? We are so happy with our AmzPro Team and are super excited about our future, knowing we have AMZ Pro.Team covering our back!

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