We are committed to give back to communities that are less fortunate than we are. Every time we sell a product, acquire a new client or simply celebrate a milestone, something great happens in the world.

We are proud to be able to contribute to provide shelter for people in disaster-prone areas in the Philippines. Poverty breeds a slum mentality, forcing the poor into survival mode where it’s every man for himself. At the heart of the community transformation is restoring dignity, and giving back the poor’s capacity to dream, starting with building them a home. Most beneficiaries come from squatter, disaster-prone areas and danger zones and living in shanty, make-shift roofs. The project we support builds houses for disadvantaged families but it also gives them a home. These beneficiaries become part of a community where they are given values formation to ensure productive, harmonious living.

For every day we employ a resource for one of our clients, we provide housing for a person for a day.

We've provided
days of housing for disadvantaged families in Philippines.

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